Adana is a very old city dating- from the Hitttie. Apparently, the earliest Inhabitants were a native Ciiician people, comtemporcry with the Hittites, and may have been the Danunians mentioned in the inscriptions ot Karatepe. Also suggested by scholars is that they were the Dodaniurrt, of the book of Genesis, and the Danaoi of Homer’s Iliad.

During Greek and Roman periods Adana was not an important city. At the time of Alexander the Great’s march through Cilicia, Adana was such an insignificant city that the conqueror did not bother to go there. Under the Byzantines it did not compare in size and importance with Tarsus. As Adana was in the path of the conquering armies who came and went in Cilicia, it changed hands many times after the 9th century

Harun-al-Rashid captured Adana, Misis, and Tarsus and made them a part of his line of border fortresses against the Byzantines. In 965 the Byzantine Emperor Nicephorus Phocas recaptured the Cilician plain from the Arabs. Then Adana feli to the Turks from Konya, the Armenians from the north, the Crusaders; and became in the 11th. century Armenian, and in the 12th. century Byzantine, The Turks, although displaced, remained, and the Ramazan tribe was given permission to graze its flocks on the Cilician plain.

In the 13th 14th centuries Cilicia was invaded and sacked by the Mamelukes of Egypt. Soon after this the Turkish emirs, under the leadership of the Ramazan family, took over the former region of Little Armenia and made Adana their capital. The emirate of Adana became o part of the Ottoman Empire under Sultan Selim I and the Emir of Adana continued as the governor under the Ottomans.

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