Ruins Of Clazomenae

Little has been left untouched in the area of Clazomenae in the way of ruins and remains of the ancients. The causeway thought to have been built in the fourth century B.C. is stili In evidence alongside the modern one. … Read More »


History Of Clazomenae

The Clazomenians, coming from and under the sponsorship of Athens, as were the rest of the Ionian settlers of Asia Minor, first built their city on the mainland. The exact spot of the original site is not clear, however. The … Read More »


The Theater

The theater of Priene, next to the Temple of Athena, is, with its eight tiers of seats, the armchairs for those at the front of the orchestra, the side-entrances (Parodoi), and its doors, proscenium and stage in excellent condition, the … Read More »


The Temple of Athena Polias

This temple is situated south of the main street which divides the town in two from the center. Of this building, the most famous in the city, only the foundations remain. The architect and sculptor of this building was Pytheus, … Read More »


The Stadium

Athletic exhibitions and the contests held on important holidays took place in the city stadium, situated in the southern part of the town. It measured 191 x 20 meters, and on one side there was a large area, surrounded by … Read More »


The Gymnasium

As in Athens, the children and youths of Priene spent most of their time in open places like the Gymnasium and the Stadium, where they did their lessons and physical training and also had their amusements. There were two gymnasiums … Read More »


The Ecclesiasterium

At the western extremity of the Prytaneum and behind the Sacred Stoa, is a rectangular hall, built in 220 B.C., with marble staircases on 3 sides. This building shows to advantage the remarkable skill and taste of the Prienian architects. … Read More »


The Prytaneum

Behind the Sacred Portico, and to the North of the Main Street, was the Prytaneum, an open courtyard with rooms giving off on all four sides. This was both the working place of the city magistrates, and the city’s public … Read More »


The Agora

Right in the center of town is the Agora, the heart of commercial and political life. One first passes through a little square, lined on 3 sides by shops which sold various kinds of goods. Here, too, sellers of meat, … Read More »


The Houses

The architect of Priene was Pytheos, and the buildings conform to the rules of proportion and harmony known as Aristos principles. The houses of Priene were so well-built that even our large modern cities might envy them, and were endowed … Read More »